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Words from the Heart

By Father A. Wensy Wowor, MSC (Chief)

Dear brothers and sisters,

members of  Foundation of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (Yayasan Bunda Hati Kudus – YBHK)

Now on this special day, at the momentum of our national hero R.A. Kartini (1979-1904), I would like to say a millions of thanks for all women. Thank you for your partnership, love, care and honour to us, the men for many years back of living and serving in our institution. We all need to recognize and acknowledge them more in whatever good they do in lining of the role and struggle of the women all over the world bringing about freedom and human dignity for the women, also known as emancipation in our country.


In the spirit of Harmonizing Multitalent in YBHK, at the same time I need to emphasize our institution and its vision to live for.

Our instituion is in a high competion of industry; there is no doubt about that. However far from being a bad thing, this is one of many reasons we shine on the national stage of education. Being a part of the process and end result of education is worthy to be proud of our vision:

“Catholic institution of education, trusted and professional in growing and developing multitatent with the spirit of our Lady of the Sacred Heart.”

(Indonesian: “Lembaga pendidikan katolik, terpercaya dan profesional dalam menumbuh-kembangkan multitalenta yang dijiwai semangat Bunda Hati Kudus”)

With many institutional endeavours created in our very own bacdkyard,  it made us do more than usual schoolings around Indonesia in particular Jakarta and Tangerang. Which ones we think are the best? Sure there are compiled elements of services integrated in ours, for instance of our specialties: counseling-based learning, learners-qualified community, high order thinking (problem solving skills) – life skills, etc.

As such, we took those things upon ourselves to compile data from our experiences in the field. However, this is not enough, we looked at other data to ensure that our practices were up to contribute to the society and the partners as well in order to being Harmonizing Multitalent.

We believe that if it stimulates the parents and the students and raises awareness about the most important need of being humankind which is the need of being educated and accompanied with love, honour and care for  human dignity, then you and we are surely more than happy – as it is only through the parents, the students and their awareness that we will all become a real part of answering and fulfilling the common good of  people.

Thursday, April 21st, 2016